"... I can't wait to bring my sister..."

                   Bethany T, Los Angeles, CA

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Pasadena Magazine

Restorative Massage

A personalized blend of swedish and deep tissue techniques to relax the body, soothe tense muscles and increase range-of-motion.

"Best of LA"
LA Weekly

The Indigo Massage

Our Signature Treatment uses the whole toolbox to restore and rejuvenate the body. Includes hot stones, custom aromatherapy and energy balancing

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"One of the Top Ten Holistic Hideaways"
Whole Life Times

A House of Independent Healing Artists

Massage Therapy ~ Facials ~ Energy Balancing ~ Holistic Health

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All-Natural Treatments

As a certified Green business, our facials and body treatments use only all-natural, sustainable ingredients to naturally care for your body and bring out your inner beauty.

Cote d'Azur Massage Facials Holistic Health Pasadena, CA

Energy Balancing

A blend of color therapy, chi quong, sound and Native American practices to clear blocked energy, cut energetic cords attaching us to people or events and restore you to a place of grounded openness.

Blending Art & Science

​We feature unique treatments culled from ancient traditions used around the world combined with modern scientific modalities to soothe, restore and return you to a state of balance.

Welcome to Cote d 'Azur! 

"The only place I go"

                                               Susan S, Anaheim, CA

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"... magical healing hands..."

                           Paulette H, Pasadena CA

"I can't recommend this place enough!"

                                                                          Paul D, San Gabriel, CA

Five- Flowers Ritual Facial

Stunning beauty treatments from around the world using only all-natural ingredients - cleansing, mask and comfort hand treatment is just the start


​You are treated like family because WE are family. Your satisfaction is a reflection of our service, and so we go the extra mile to ensure your treatments are personalized and extra-ordinary.

"The best massage I've ever had!"

                                                 Angie S, Pasadena

"...exactly what I've been looking for..."

                                                                         Nancy B, Portland, OR

Personalized Treatments.  World-Class Service. Unforgettable Results.

Open Tues - Sun by Appointment. Closed Monday

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