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Allure Magazine

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Whole Life Times

"Best of LA"
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Cote D'Azur
To Celebrate our introduction of our Artist's Hub concept. We are offering our "Creative Artist Makeovers"  and Kid's Energy Work for Kids at a discount.

Creative Artist Makeover:
This 5-hr session includes Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, Tribal Energy Balancing, an Indigo Massage and Acupuncture.  (Skin Care can be traded out for a Lucid Movement Session if desired)

Reg. Price $499
Now: $399  Buy Now Online

De-stress for Kids:
This 30-min session help young people feel more calm and helps them to find their internal strengths or 'super power'.  Kids find it fun and encouraging.

Reg. Price $60
Now: $35  Buy Now Online

Teen Acting & Auditioning for Film and Television
30-year experienced Acting coach specializing in young film actors brings unique technique to prepare for auditions and roles. 
4-weeks for $195
Now: $175 pre- enrollment.  Buy Now Online

Deep Tissue & Hot Stones Offer
55-min Deep Tissue Massage with hot healing packs and hot stone integration.
Reg: $140
Now: $85  Buy Now Online

Online offer good till Friday April 18th, 2014.  BUY NOW!!

Coming Soon!
Online Booking
You've been wanting to book a massage, but you only seem to remember at ten o'clock at night? In a rush and don't have time to call? We hear you, and will soon be offering a new Online Booking Service. We're currently working though the kinks, but expect everything to be up and running  as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Serving Pasadena, and the World, since 2003

A hidden holistic hideaway nestled in the heart of Pasadena, Cote d’Azur has been a secret garden of natural health and restorative bodywork for over 10 years. Voted “Best of LA” and “Best of Pasadena” by critics, clients have found a local favorite featuring the highest-quality massage unlike anything they’ve experienced before.  We are the opposite of a traditional 'spa' environment.  If you would like water facilities, marble floors, champagne and botox, we are not the space for you.  Our location is deliciously minimal and our focus is on being ecologically, socially and energetically responsible. 

When we first opened in Old Pasadena, the only massage establishments were either  shadowy strip-mall places of questionable reputation or high-end beauty spas that seemed to focus more on pampering than actual effective bodywork. In the years since, we have yet to find another place like us. We don’t understand. This seems the common sense approach: strong, focused massage blended with natural elements and subtle-energy therapy to treat the whole body.

All of our people are strong; we don’t do mamby-pamby massage that feels like a rabbit licking your skin. Massage work that doesn’t focus on the physical working and needs of clearing cellular and metabolic waste from over-stressed tissue is ineffective, and nothing is more annoying than having a therapist continually "massage" over a stiff and sore muscle without actually working it correctly. But that doesn’t mean hurting you; massage should be firm and effective without being painful. Pain makes the body tense and causes us to hold our breath, two things that work expressly against the point of bodywork. We adjust our pressure and strength to your comfort. If you need a lighter touch, that’s how we’ll work. If you prefer a more crushing massage, well, we can do that too.   Please be sure to let us know if you need any pressure changed, lighting or temperature adjusted or the music changed.  Effective communication with your massage therapist is the key. Bodywork is like a dance, the therapist and the client are in it together to achieve the best outcome.

We’re here for you. Without you, our clients, our work is only an idea and philosophy. You allow us to work with you, and our goal is the most effective treatment possible in the time you are with us. We want you comfortable; the more relaxed and at-ease, the more open your body is to the work performed. That’s why our location is more like a garden home than the antiseptic-white medical suite look of many foofy spas. (Seriously, who can relax in something that looks like a doctor’s office?) From the tall, green bamboo hedge surrounding the property, the fresh herbs growing in the garden along the walkway, the wide wrap-around porch just made for sittin’… you are somewhere else now, someplace unique, someplace magical…

Welcome to Cote d’Azur. How can we help you?

To express gratitude to the unsung heroes in our community Cote d'Azur offers discounts to non-profit organizations, teachers, fire-fighters, police and members of our military. Please contact us to get your organization placed on our discount list via email at cotedazurspa@gmail.com
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